Gourmet Pecan Pralines


Delightful buttery candy and crunchy pecans combine to create a scrumptious indulgence that makes our pralines a nut-lovers dream come true. First, we start with an authentic New Orleans recipe. We then use a combination of the finest ingredients available to showcase the full depth and deliciousness of our Original Pecan and Chocolate Pecan pralines.

pecans new

For that extra special crunch and optimum flavor, we add plump, juicy Georgia pecans from local growers.

We use real brown sugar, and pure cane sugar - but we use less than the original recipe calls for - so we reduce the sugar content, letting more of the natural ingredients come through...this creates an astounding balance of flavors that make our pralines the gold-standard in taste.



It’s easy to get lost in the deep, decadent intensity of rich semi-sweet dark chocolate. Our Chocolate Pecan Pralines are simply irrestible and are a fitting indulgence for true chocolate devotees.