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My memories go back to my roots in New Orleans, where as a child, I would be by my mom's side as she made steaming pots of her delicious pecan pralines. The aroma would fill our home, and I  couldn't wait to lick the spoon after she was done. Her pralines would literally melt in my mouth. The  recipe had been passed down to her from her mom and grandmother, and she later passed it along to me.

After moving to Georgia, I maintained my love for the food and culture of New Orleans.  In 2008, I became nostalgic as I recalled fond memories of mom's great cooking. Thoughts of her delicious pecan pralines was an especially fond memory for me - one that both inspired and motivated me to locate mom's recipe. I began making pralines just as she had done all those years earlier.  Over time, I perfected her original recipe, and later I began making chocolate pralines as well. I knew that I had something special when the pralines became an instant hit with family and friends. I eventually became well-known for my pralines, and they became a most requested dessert item wherever I went. As their popularity grew, I began selling pralines at festivals, fairs, farmers markets and various events - and building upon my success, in 2018, I decided to form a snack food company.  I chose to name it "Mama Fannie's" in honor of mom, who was my best friend and greatest inspiration.

Today we're working hard to take Mama Fannie's to the next level. We're expanding into wholesale and other markets, along with seeking opportunities to partner with leading brands. It is our prayer that Mama Fannie's will one day become a household name - known for its quality products, outstanding customer service, and community involvement. Thanks so much for visiting. Lese le bon temps roulez


Because of her warmth, sweet personality, and welcoming disposition, my mother was known by all of our neighbors and friends as “Mama Fannie.” She was a great cook, and pralines were her specialty. On holidays and special occasions, she would make them from a recipe that had been handed down to her from her mom and grandmother.  As the youngest, I was always by mom's side - especially when she made the steaming pots of her melt in your mouth pecan pralines. Mom's memory continues to inspire me to recapture the times when, as a girl, I would be there with her in our small New Orleans kitchen making pralines. It was a time when a generations-old recipe, and generations of a tradition, were once again passed along over a delicious pot of pure perfection. It is this long legacy that we hope to recapture with each batch of our gourmet pralines, popcorn, or cookies that we make. Enjoy!

Althea H. Lawrence

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